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Public Relations and Executive Cultural Coaching

Public Relations

The practice of public relations varies throughout the world. Regardless of cultural differences from one country to another, all companies have audiences with whom they should communicate, including media, business community, potential customers or end users of your products and services. Some companies devise and execute these communications plans internally, others chose to use an external agency, others still chose a combination of both. Should you decide to use an external agency, we invite you to consider the compelling solutions of Bannigan Communications.

We essentially do two things: raise visibility and credibility of your company’s brand to help build relationships with your stakeholders and positively affect your bottom line.

We do this by telling people what you do in their own language, both linguistically and culturally. We devise strategies to communicate a cohesive message that translate into credible media stories. And we coordinate globally so that your message is both centrally harmonized and localized across all markets.

The company sets up global teams to execute PR and marketing campaigns, manages the teams to ensure results exceed client expectations, then liaises with the client through one point of contact and billing point. We provide counsel to clients on effective communications strategies in local markets around the world to raise awareness of the brand and help increase global credibility.

We work closely with PR associates in 50 countries around the world, sharing clients, reporting templates, best practices, common work ethic and tenacious expectations for excellence.

Executive Cultural Coaching, What in the World I am Doing Here

We guide global executives on how to be effective and successful during their international assignments or trips abroad.

Working together, we clarify their personal value system, correlating how that fits in with their host country. We drill down to examine specific unexpected behaviors patterns and extend an invitation to listen and observe actively and mindfully.

Then we discuss culturally appropriate responses and modes of communication that are most likely to achieve the common goals of both the individual and the company as a whole.

As specialists in multi-cultural awareness, we invite our clients to expand their world views and build skills for successful intercultural interactions around the world.

What in the World I amDoing Here is the Executive Cultural Coaching brand of Bannigan Communications LLC.

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