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We exist to turn our knowledge and experience into value for the benefit of our clients.

For both our Public Relations and our Executive Cultural Coaching services, we offer a variety of options.

Public Relations

Below is a sample tool chest we use to achieve the solutions that are right for you.

  • Standard PR: PR counseling and strategy, localized press releases, case studies, product placements, real and virtual press tours, special events, market research
  • Outreach: media and analyst relations, social media, European Union relations (audience outreach, communication tools, reporting and monitoring of policy campaigns and opportunities within the EU)
  • Social media: programs adapted to your specific needs (conversation audits, SEO, Twitter/ Facebook/ LinkedIn management ); vidcasts and podcasts
  • Training: global media and public speaking workshop
  • Support Services: producing sales collateral such as slides, white papers, product leaflets, and newsletters
  • Community: social responsibility and cause-related marketing


Executive Cultural Coaching – What in the World am I Doing Here?

We offer an array of practical, results-driven multi-cultural awareness programs for international assignees and their families.

Each program is tailor-designed in an a-la-carte fashion, building from the following pillars of expertise:

  • Business: how to most effectively apply your skill-sets to the foreign cultural context to achieve the desired results quickly and efficiently. Due to increasingly multi-cultural business environments, this will often require understanding of multiple cultures, not just the obvious target country.
  • Daily Living: what are the tools required to quickly maneuver the new cultural landscape and achieve the day-to-day aims following a relocation to a new country
  • Values and Themes: explore the deeper-rooted explanations of “why” behind the unexpected behavior you will encounter in a foreign land, which helps to adjust the response reflex and achieve the desired aims
  • Children: age-appropriate workshops focus on supporting children in dealing with the array of confusing feelings they may be experiencing, including anger for the move, missing friends, fear of the unknown, and acceptance of the adventure ahead
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