Industry Sectors

Renewable Green EnergyWhile we serve a wide range of clients in all industries, from technology to legal to lifestyle, we favor sustainable and socially responsible businesses in all its many forms.

Increasingly, corporations are coming on board to the notion that being in business is no longer just about making money. It’s about creating value for your customers and stakeholders and communicating that value in an authentic way.

We appeal to today’s newly mainstream ethical consumers by authentically promoting the added value the products provide: better health, superior performance, good taste, cost-effectiveness and even status.

Our areas of expertise include (but are not limited to):

  • Technology/ IT: mobile and telecommunications, enterprise and supply chain software, CRM, digital marketing and cloud computing
  • Green technology: hybrid cars, renewable energy, energy conservation, water purification, recyclable materials
  • Healthy lifestyle: organic foods, yoga, meditation, fitness, alternative medicine, healthy products, community living
  • Academia: on-line learning, industry-academic relations, scholarships, continuing education
  • Arts and culture: music, theatre, dance, performing arts, gastronomy, event promotion and publicity
  • Socially-responsible living: ecotourism, green home furnishings, recycling programs, sustainable communities
  • Third sector: non-profit and charities, microloan programs, cause-related marketing, cultural awareness
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