Simple, Effective, Global Communications

Bannigan Communications, LLC is a full-service communications agency specializing in multi-country Public Relations and Executive Cultural Coaching.

We help companies get their message across wherever they may do business in the world, building visibility and credibility amongst the audience that matters.

We guide executives in multi-cultural awareness when they move overseas or take business trips abroad, providing hands-on, actionable tools for success.

The team works closely with associates in 50 countries; sharing Clients, reporting templates, best practices, common work ethic and tenacious expectations for excellence.

We specialize in supporting socially responsible businesses and 15% of our profits are donated to worthwhile causes.

In short, we provide Simple, Effective, Global communications services.

Our Ethical Value Proposition

We at Bannigan Communications follow a code of ethics that stresses honesty and integrity above all else. If these concepts resonate with you, you’re in the right place. Read More »

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Sergio Marchionne

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