Handy Tips for Living Overseas

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4 Tips for Successful Living Overseas

I like to think of them as the “Me, Them, Why, What” tips.

I other words, Me: Be abundantly clear on what your values are, and what’s most important to you as an individual, as a partner in a couple, and as a member of your immediate family.

Them: Delve in the the values of your host country; what makes them tick? Observe closely and with interest the behavior and communication styles that differ from your own.

Why: Always ask the why. Why do locals behave or speak the way they do? It may not make you like the behavior any more, but it will give you insight into their motivations and their passions and what’s most important to them on a foundational, historical level.

What: Make a conscious decision what you will do with that information.  This could change on a case by case basis. But in general, you will need to determine when you will agree to adapt to the local customs and norms and enjoy that adventure of being out of your comfort zone. And when you encounter non-negotiables, where your values take strong precedence over the desire to assimilate and adapt.

Making mindful, intentional decisions on your response to the foreign world around you – after having gone through the Me, Them and Why exercise – will surely help you not only to survive in your newly adopted stomping grounds, but to thrive.

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