Today We Celebrate Love

  • “Today we celebrate love… a word highly present in the dictionary of Corporate Social Responsibility. Because behind a successful corporate strategy lies the love for our organization in addition to our love for the important causes we support  ♥ “
    “Hoje, celebra-se o amor… uma palavra tão presente no dicionário da responsabilidade social empresarial. É que por trás de uma estratégia de sucesso, está o amor pela organização, o amor por grandes causas ♥”
    This quote is from the non-profit Portuguese association dedicated to raising awareness of Corporate Social Responsibility. I’m proud to have been a co-founder of this association over a decade ago and continue to support the great work they do both in Portugal and beyond.
    Check out their website and have a look around (in the moment only in Portuguese but with plans to translate into English in the near future).
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