Windstar Cruises Sail on with a Sustainable Appeal

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The winds of windstar Cruises recently turned to Bannigan Communications to help raise awareness  in the United Kingdom.

With a casual yet elegant approach to sailing, Windstar Cruises offers experiences that are “180 degrees from ordinary”, providing unique sailing experiences in dozens of places around the world.

Wherever they happen to be in the world, we really appreciate their environmental consciousness, in line with the Bannigan Communications approach on sustainability. Windstar offers legendary hospitality but with “a softer footprint”, since they use smaller ships as opposed to the traditional massive cruise ships. When the sails are up and the yacht is travelling without engines, this is true compassionate travel, as mother nature intended it to be.

The line also prides itself on having achieved  culinary innovation at sea. It has already been respected for its culinary programs, sourcing local food, bringing guests to local markets to shop with the chef, baking all breads on board daily, preparing meals to order, ane more.

But taking things a step further, they developed an “evolving buffet program”, which helps them to reduce significant waste on board. Rather than put out every item imaginable on the buffet (which must be eaten or thrown out), the chef presents what he knows will get consumed. This is complemented with an a la carte menu of delicious dishes cooked to order. The byproduct is an overall reduction in food waste, plus a more personalized dining experience, which benefits everyone.

Having recently partnered with the Culinary Institute of America, the company continues to train its chefs with the highest culinary and sustainability standards existing in the market today.

windstar buffet

I know I ‘m ready to set sail. How about you?

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