What Languages Sound Like

Ever notice how animals “speak” different languages according to what country they live in?

So a bird says “tweet tweet” in most English speaking countries, but if he moves to – say – Japan, he’ll need to learn to say “chun chun”.

He’ll also need to learn to eat with chopsticks.

Here’s a great video of a talented young lady that shows what languages sound like – even when the content is gibberish.

It’s really quite impressive!

Could YOU do this?? (I know i could not!)

Click here to have a look:

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2 Responses to What Languages Sound Like

  1. camilla says:

    interesting take, and so true. i have serious troubles singing Old McDonald’s farm – not only when it comes to animals whose sounds I just don’t know (what does a koala cry like??), but also in “translating” their sounds when singing the song in different languages.

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